No tricks. No gimmicks. Just good vibes.

TwistBit is a professional pianist-turned-electronic music producer with a particular focus: musicality through authenticity. Since 2011, TwistBit has been creating electronic music, chiptunes, and video game OSTs using a variety of digital music production platforms.

What are the goals of TwistBit EDM?

Introduce emotion to the world of electronic music

For too long, the world has thought of EDM as predictable, soulless, and lacking in human emotion. TwistBit seeks to demonstrate that it is possible to convey these qualities through an entirely digital production process.

Take the old, make it new

Repurposing old video game soundfonts? Building breakbeats from scratch? Making electro swing out of 1950's educational films? Been there, done that. TwistBit is no stranger to the concepts of recycling, replicating, and remastering.

Improve the mood of those who listen

There is no greater way to use one's skillset than to elevate others. So believes TwistBit, who loves to focus on what others have called "happy" EDM – peppy, bouncy, fun, feel-good music that often leaves others smiling.


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